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You're Amazing

We love to reward you when you’ve done something great.

Our main reward system is Achievement Points. You are awarded Smithills Achievement Points that you then save up and when you receive 25 points you are awarded a bronze certificate and a £5 High Street Voucher. For 50 Achievement Points you get a silver certificate and a £10 High Street Voucher and for 75 points you get a gold certificate and a £25 High Street Voucher.


You get Achievement Points for:

  • Excellent work in class or for homework
  • Helpful behaviour around school, e.g. picking up litter, opening doors (without being asked), offering to carry books etc.
  • Representing school in any event.
  • Helping in the community.
  • Any exceptional behaviour that supports school.
  • Good attendance.


We send postcards home to parents and carers to let them know of exceptional behaviour, work and attitude.


We arrange visits and trips for good attendance, or good work throughout the year e.g. ten pin bowling, ice skating, Alton Towers.

Bolton Wanderers Tickets

You can earn a free ticket for a BWFC game if nominated for excellence by a member of staff. Year 11 pupils can even earn an executive hospitality visit to a BWFC game.