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We are a community here at Smithills. Each day over 1500 people come together and form that community. Everyone has a responsibility to promote a safe, secure and supportive learning environment.Therefore, the school rules cover the following eight areas:


1. Respect and Relationships 
Everyone has the right to be treated decently and fairly by all others in the school community. 


2. Responsibility 
No person, child or adult, must act in a way, which might cause distress, injury or inconvenience to others. 


3. In and Around School 
Orderly movement around school is essential for safety and efficiency. Everyone must conform to the “keep right” rule. 


4. Attendance and Punctuality 
Pupils are expected to attend school regularly and punctually. All absences must be covered by an explanatory note. 


5. Uniform 
All pupils must conform to school uniform requirements. Any temporary variation must be covered by a letter from parents. 


6. Lunchtime 
Pupils must not leave the school premises at lunchtime unless they are authorised and possess a current lunch pass (available from Student Services). 


7. Injuries, Accidents and Damage to Property 
All injuries, accidents and damage to property are to be reported to a member of staff immediately. 


8. Mobile Phones 
These must not be seen or heard between 8.45 and 3.00 in school. If they are, they must be confiscated and handed in to Student Services. They will be returned to the pupil’s parents after 24 hours, or to the pupil a week later.



Four Smithills Key Standards


1. All pupils must have a bag and equipment, including a planner. 
2. All pupils must wear a House tie. 
3. All pupils must be in lessons during lesson time, or have a signed planner explaining the reason for their absence. 
4. All pupils must speak to staff and each other with respect.



At Smithills we expect pupils to:

  • Be on time for school and not to leave school without permission.
  • Look after our school by keeping it clean and tidy.
  • Treat visitors, staff and other pupils with courtesy and respect.
  • Take pride in themselves and in our school’s reputation.
  • Try their best at all times, and to be positive.
  • Wear correct school uniform without jewellery or make-up, and with a coat, not a Hoodie.
  • Not allow their mobile phone to be seen or heard.


Classrooms are for learning, so pupils must:

  • Arrive at their lessons on time.
  • Line up outside and remove coats.
  • Enter the classroom in a quiet and orderly manner.
  • Stand behind desk and wait to be asked to sit down.
  • Get out their books, planner and equipment.
  • Put up their hands if they wish to speak.
  • Listen carefully when someone is talking and follow teacher instructions.
  • Never chew during lessons.
  • Always try their best and be positive about their own achievements and those of other pupils.
  • Never use an electrical device like a mobile phone or ipod.