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More Able

More able

We are committed to providing the best educational experience for all of our pupils. We thus recognise that amongst our pupils will be those who are ‘more able’. To cater for such pupils, we have a number of policies to ensure that our ‘more able’ cohort are stretched, challenged and motivated to excel in mathematics.

Amongst our policies are:

  • Pupils are placed in ability sets upon entry in year 7 to ensure that work is appropriately challenging and engaging.
  • Pupils are provided with a curriculum with problem solving at its core. Thus, our ‘more able’ pupils will be given regular opportunities to be creative and will be encouraged to rise to challenges and ‘grapple’ with problems.

  • Our Scheme of Work is differentiated into different stages per year, with our ‘more able’ cohort expected to follow the highest stage. There will be further differentiation within this stage so that pupils are given the opportunity to apply their mathematical understanding in different ‘real life’ contexts.

  • Master classes are provided after school and at lunch times. Here our ‘more able’ pupils are given the opportunity to complete challenges which engages their curiosity and involves them solving problems requiring logical analysis and lateral thinking skills.

We also participate in various annual mathematics competitions. These include trips to Manchester University, Bury College and Bolton Sixth Form.

Top set pupils in year 7-10 also participate in the annual UKMT maths challenge. This is a national competition involving over 1000 schools. To help prepare pupils for this event, lessons are assigned to our pupils to practice problem solving skills.


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