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Where can Geography take me?

Geography will give you an understanding of th world around you. It can equip you with both practical skills, such as computer based mapping (GiS), together with other essential skills such as debating and interptretation. It is for these reasons, and so many more, that a qualification in Geography can open up a range of job opportunities.


Many Geographers choose careers related to the environment, for example, environment consulation, conservation worker or forestry manager.  However, through the broader study of Geography and particulalry Society many other popular careers for Geographers include Advertising Executives, Youth and Community Workers and Social Workers.


Those who have a particular interest in the Physical side of Geography may choose careers in Coastal Management, Earth Scientist, Pollution Analysts or even as a Weather Presenter!

For more ideas and information about careers related to a study of Geography download the Going Places with Geography Guide from the Royal Geographical Society



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