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It’s no exaggeration to say the world runs on computers.  They are everywhere: in homes, schools and offices, but not just in the way you think. 


Computers control aeroplanes, chemical plants, send rockets to space and make sure our cars run efficiently.  If you are interested in game design, web design, app development or any other form of coding and programming then Computer Science is for your.  Getting technology to work for you is complicated, so while you need to be a creative person to choose GCSE Computer Science, know that this course will make you think and will test your logic and your patience.  In other words, it’s a challenging course and serious fun!



As new things are developed, the world needs more and more people to research new ways of using computers to do the things they want.  This course gives a great foundation for further study at  A Level and Degree level so that you can be involved in this ever changing industry.  However, you don’t have to want to be computer scientist to do this course – you might just want to learn a bit more about the ever changing technology that is truly everywhere.

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