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GCSE Business

Examination Board: OCR J253

There are THREE modules to this course. TWO examinations and ONE piece of controlled assessment

A291 Controlled assessment

  • This piece of controlled assessment is worth 25% of the final qualification
  • The controlled assessment changes each year.
  • Research work is permitted outside the classroom and at home
  • All work should be typed up in controlled conditions in the classroom.

A292 examination paper

A293 examination paper

  • This paper is worth 50% of the final qualifiaction
  • It is based on a case study which they need to have read in detail and need to know really well. Click here to link to case study Live from January 2016
  • There is a set of key revision terms on the shared area. Click here to link
  • There is a set of potential questions for this paper. Click here to link live from February 2016
  • Don’t use previous exam papers for this paper – the questions will be based on this year’s case study
  • We believe that “bitesize” and other revision sites are not particularly suitable for this examination paper and students are better doing the above activities.

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