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At Smithills School all Year 7 pupils have one lesson of dance per week. They begin their dance experience by exploring a range of technical, physical and expressive skills that underpin their study of contrasting dance styles and dance appreciation. Pupils study dance using action, space and gesture patterns, body shapes, mental skills, contact work and contrasts in dynamic and rhythmic patterning. Please click on the titles to explore this subject area further.


KEY STAGE 3 - Year 7
Students will be able to:
Remember, refine and repeat short dances with a growing sense of style and artistic intention.
Develop and study the importance of a warm up and cool down.
Identify strengths and weaknesses in their own and others’ work.
Suggest ways to improve their performance and compositions.
Talk about Dance using appropriate vocabulary.


KEY STAGE 3 - YEAR 8 Performing Arts (Dance & Drama)

Our main aim, through a project based curriculum, is to inspire and enthuse pupils to consider the career options within the performing arts sector. Pupils gain a broad knowledge and understanding of and develop skills in both dance and drama. We provide a comprehensive and challenging programme of study that builds on interest and the potential opportunity to progress to employment.


KEY STAGE 4 - YEAR 9 AND 10 GCSE DANCE (For exams in 2018 onwards)



KEY STAGE 4 - YEAR 11 GCSE DANCE 2016 - 2017
Pupils will study and complete the following units in GCSE Dance in Year 11. There are 4 units of study.
Unit 1 Critical appreciation of dance (20%)
Unit 2 Set dance (20%)
Unit 3 Performance piece (20%)

Unit 4 Choreography (40%)
Unit 4A Solo composition (15%)

Unit 4B Choreography (25%)



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